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Total tests
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Deaths / victims:

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COVID-19 spread (Total number of infections / infections per day)

Number of infections by age

Total tests, comparison with confirmed infections (total) - Log Y

Number of tests performed, compared to confirmed infections - Log Y

Confirmed infections by region

Analysis of spread of COVID-19 by region

Slovenia (number of infections per day)

Number of hospitalized people, people in intensive care and deaths by day

Number of infected by gender

Number of tests performed compared to infections / Log Y

Total number of infections / infection per day - Log Y

Number of tests performed compared to infections / Log Y

Number of tests performed per million population (Vir: Wikipedia 01.04.2020 - 17:32)


Spread of COVID-19 (infection / population) - Log Y

Os Y: Number of infections by population.
Os X: Days after first case of COVID-19 in country.

Number of confirmed cases by country | Vir: CSSE John Hopkins

Number of confirmed cases, comparison with neighbouring countries

Countries, which were the source of COVID-19 spread in Slovenia

The purpose and idea of the project

Analysis of coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in Slovenia and comparison to other countries

Source of the data for our analysis and visualizations

In the first two weeks after the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in Slovenia, there were a lot of problems with data exchange, which was not formalized. After some weeks we can spot a major difference here. National institue for public health is giving the data aways on the daily basis. Also there are some crows sourced projects like COVID-19 Sledilnik, which are gathering the results together and providing proper datasets and APIs for data exchange. The main goal of the project is, clear and real visualization of the current COVID-19 spread in Slovenia.

COVID-19 spread and the official data for Slovenia
Official data for Slovenia can be found on NIJZ in GOV.SI.

Do you spot any mistake or misleading data? Please contact us: koronavirus[at]alpaka.si.

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